Automatic Total Station

The Theodolite (Total Station) system, rotates every few hours and measures the distance to prisms installed at radius up to 120 meters, on buildings and infrastructure around the device. The Swiss Leica theodolite and prisms and the computer to which the device is connected, the German VMT. The device is installed under roofing and / or additional protections that are installed according to the needs of the place and the customer. In addition, the device is connected to a control and control system developed by surveyors and IT4U, for remote control of electrical and communication connections to equipment. The data is automatically sent to the database of survey witnesses and there are available in VMT’s MODUS software, for processing (if necessary) and for display.

Road-60 Eng


The Road 60 project is part of the 12 km Begin’s Road project, in Jerusalem. The project includes two additional tunnels to the Gilo tunnel,

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The fifth Line

ADI Ltd. carried out geodetic monitoring using Automated Total Station in the fifth line tunnel to Jerusalem, in a section in the Beit Shemesh area.

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