The expropriation of land is a governmental purchase of land for public purposes, and it entitles landowners to compensation. In the legal capacity of a municipal or government authority, to allocate between 30% and 50% of private land for the construction of projects that improve the complex, such as transport and commerce. There are a number of laws permitting the expropriation of land, the central ones of which are the Land Ordinance (Acquisition for Public Use) 1943 and the Planning and Building Law 1965.

After approval of the new city building plan by the various committees, it is calculated by the surveyor and presented as a map governing the expropriation of the plots, and redistributed according to the IAA.

With the approval of the competent surveyor, his calculations become a legal-contractual document, on the basis of which financial values ​​are calculated in the area measured.

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531 Road - Expropriation
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