Kochav Hayarden – Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage (PHES)


Kochav Hayarden, Israel



ADI Ltd. is monitoring the PHES project in Kochav Hayarden. Sinohydro Ltd. is excavating the tunnel for the Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage (PHES) in Kochav Hayarden, using drilling and blasting. ADI scope of work is to alert 3D displacement and/or unregularly trends in the tunnel walls, throughout the excavation period. The monitoring process is performed using six (6) ATS installed in the project tunnels, while the data is transfared automatically to the project data center, in ADI’s office.

One of the ATS devices is mounted upside down, on its head, into the shaft. Since this type of installation has not been carried out in the past in any project in the world, joint development of ADI Ltd. and Etkes laboratory was required. The development work led the device to identify correctly the targets in the inversed axis. VMT GmbH GB, the software company, made the necessary adjustments in the software for reading the inversed data.

The client was provided with a website that presents the monitoring data graphically as well as in the Excel tables, from which independent monitoring reports can be produced, every hour throughout the day, regardless of the availability of the survey team.