Adi Measurement and Engineering (5765) Ltd. was established in 1990 by Jacob Ezra and Dov Stolero, with the aim of providing professional and unique measurement services in the field of engineering and real estate surveying.

The company’s main clients include the largest construction companies in Israel, government companies, international companies, private clients and more.

Adi Measurements employs a diverse and experienced workforce that includes qualified surveyors, civil engineers, sketchers, computing professionals, soil experts and more. The company has a quality standard of 9001-2015.

Adi has the most advanced measurement and computing equipment in the world, including automated robotic systems and data management databases.

The main services of the company:


Measurement in the statutory domain
Special measurements
Engineering Measurements
Photogrammetry and Aerial Photography
Quality control / assurance
Accurate balance
Automatic Robotic Systems
Database management